Supercharge your healing powers

Maybe magic is real. Read on
Image of a person's back with irritated skin patch

“Skin that’s calmer, with a more even skin tone, and more youthful appearance.”

"Successfully sped up healing on sunburn, acne, bug bites"

"Massively helped me with stubborn acne"

"Miracle product"

The only skin-healing solution that's already in our bodies

Crazy, right?

Our white blood cells help heal our skin by naturally producing a compound called hypochlorous acid.

Water Molecules
Salt Molecules

Our team of scientists patented a process to replicate this solution outside of the body, safely and effectively.

Now, all you need to do is spray.

Person spraying Magic Molecule on their face outside

We bottled your body's secret weapon

Cuts, scrapes, scratches, dry skin, zits, eczema, infected cuticles, bug bites, sunburns, psoriasis, a fresh tattoo, athlete's foot, redness, inflammation, scarring, a new piercing... the list goes on. Hence why we sell it as a 2-pack.

An all-natural, medical-grade solution

This is the same skin-healing solution that's naturally found in every mammal's immune system, including humans. It works hard to remove harmful bacteria and fight skin infections. And it's as clean as it gets - we don’t add any artificial fragrance or essential oils.

"New fave holy grail product. Wish they made a Costco size bottle. I’d stock up for life.”

- Ann B.